Airtreks my Shadow: as I fly Indie-pendent, Boots n All!


Picture this, if you can? Because I cannot.

I have taken over 600.000 photos in the last 42 months in 57 different countries, so one may think I could picture anything.

But for the life of me, I am not able to photographically picture the acts, deeds and service provided to me by the people pictured here, who have helped to make my travels not only affordable, but doable. Their company has arrangements with the airlines for very low fares, but their employees provide First Class service with those below Economy fares. Because of this I can afford to fly 129 times in the last 3.5 years, absolutely hassle free. And not only that they assist me with booking seats, for my own particular needs like full Moon/Sunrise and sets, or geographic feature, mountain ranges, Icebergs, rivers, lakes and manmade landmarks.

It was so nice to meet some of the people I work with 24/7 seamlessly. From International Dateline, and back, some may sleep but others awake, but their responses and help is not only timeless but timely; for they work as a team, if I am in Madagascar past the stroke of midnight, they are up and going wherever the Sun maybe, or not, responding to me about my query, as they sort things out with whoever needs to be sorted.

Herewith are a few of the faces of some of the many people who help me to organize my flights (with an easy to use and understand search page), select the most efficient flights, organize baggage limits to reduce baggage fees, seats so I can take photos of horizons light and topography show, at a cost affordable. And travel insurance that some times is included, and other times not, but affordable none-the-less. From the Ukraine, Romania, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the America’s and more, when one goes to sleep there is another waking and taking their place, so I am always safe and supported in transit, as I visit Earth Personally. And if by chance our paths cross, they will take the time to meet and greet me, as July Anderson did when I was in Chile in 2016, of this group today. It is wonderful to put a face, accent and attitude with the people I work, via the internet. Not only are they real people they are also real caring, helpful, professional, timely,
competent…..people. It is a pleasure to have met them.

Follow the video of my plane’s shadow, as I land in Santa Cruz Bolivia, thinking of how I am shadowed by such a great team.

Along with photos made possible, as a result of their, strategic seat reservations. Sunrise over the South American Equator, with a 13-year-old, son of missionaries in Peru headed north to visit his grandparents. A construction laborer, taking his first flight from Brazil to South Africa as the airline celebrates 100,000,000 passengers. Sharing the Sun’s set over the African Equator, with seat mate Brenda from Zambia. Flying along the Ande’s with a friend from Chile. Flying along the Himalaya’s. Joining my Children and Grandchildren; I flying from India, they from the USA and we all meeting up in New Zealand for a Hobbit Holiday with coordination of all flights by the Airtreks’ Team.
And finally, photos of Julie Anderson, Airtreks support staff who bought me a coffee in Chile and then Grazia on the Support getting a leg up and support from me, for her support and the support of all of those at Airtreks.

To see what it is like to work with them, you need to experience them. To do that you can go to or

I will be ending the year taking 16 flights from Asia to Europe, Europe to Africa, Africa to Asia, Asia to Europe, Europe to Africa, and finally to Europe before year’s end to rest a bit. 16 flights for less than 250 Euros ($275) each, with Insurance for all Travel Insurance for all the flights and whatever else may happen in-between.

Final photo, full moon over India, in another few set of flights, will have flown as many miles of flight a, in these last months as there are miles from the Earth to Moon.


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