Brent Bishop’s Berserk Bulgarian Birthday

Sofia, Bulgaria

I enjoyed the opportunity to share my birthday with Berserk Collins, in Sofija Bulgaria. A country shaped like a Lion, perfect for a Leo like me, celebrating my Birthday.


We spent the two days walking the streets and enjoying the sites. While there was no birthday cake there were many a building decorated as if they were. And even dancing in the streets.

Berserk, I found to be a very giving person, and ergo a gift to me for this day of celebration. I met Berserk through 3 degrees of separation, Vijay Chandel, who is a mutual Facebook Friends with Татяна Даянова, who became my Facebook friend and referred me to Berserk. Berserk is 22 years old and works, in a drug re-habilitation center and has hopes of travel and adventure. In the meantime, I look forward to Berserks help with my projects, as Berserk begins to discover the world, as Berserk helped me to discover Sofija. As the Sunset on 36 Hotel Sofija, I too rested.


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