The Adam’s Family

Ohrid, Macedonia


Today I met Adam’s family after we took a hike and before we went swimming. Adam’s family is very kind.

They invited us for juice and another of his Mom’s baking creations, bread. His mom is an English Professor, his dad a Civil Engineer and older brother a gamer. They have agreed to help me digitize my slides I took of my first memories of Europe when I was 22. It is nice to have my memories refreshed as Adam gains fresh experiences which someday will be refreshing memories for him.

On our hike Adam led me into the woods above the beach and showed me flora and fauna. We both shared facts of interest learning from each other. We even met some friends of his, he had met the day before, cliff jumping. To finish our day we went swimming and again taking photos of the sunset.

The GoPro even took pictures of me, taking pictures of Adam taking pictures of the scenic beauty he had led me to. I will leave now for 12 days to go to Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, and Kosovo with photos of new experiences, as I return to view the digitized videos of my past.

On our walk, I noted a Flamingo the size of a dinosaur. Adam called it a Flamingosauraus, I like this young man, he is inventive with words, my kind of guy.

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