Too dynamic to manage part I

Feira, Portugal

ANNOUNCING LOTS OF DYNAMIC VIDEO: Jugglers, Acrobats, Dragons, Avant Garde, Heavy Metal and much more….

Apologies the items have been reconfigured by Facebook, almost everything is here but not in the order of the story, please work your way through, I hope you still enjoy. Apparently, this post was more dynamic than Facebook could handle.

I peer into the crystal ball of Past’s future, discoveries are made.
Castles, ladies in laced veils, dragons, court jesters, acrobats, battles of kingdom, two headed monsters, and dungeonous mountains of fire. Things of the past? Not really, not in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, where imagination is reality and reality imagination during the Imaginarius Festival.

Here the past is brought into the future, as if nothing ever changes, as the Moon and Venus, appear as they have for Millennia past, so do all the trappings of Medieval past. All showing presence, in the past presently.

And to add to the fantasy, a real wedding to start the Festival’s last day. Is happily ever after only in fairy tales? Can fairy tales be reality? At Imaginarius they are.

So goes a day in my Earth Personally office and one of three days at the Imaginarius festival……Gorka Pereira


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