Déjà vu?

L’Entre Deux, Portugal

Déjà vu? Mais non, déjà vu, c’est l’Entre Deux?

Having returned to Vila do Conde, after a trip to Ireland I was invited by Filipe Lanhoso Larangeira artist extraordinaire, to an art opening, at the same location we had met before.

Where we met, Capital dos Petiscos, a traditional Portuguese eatery, which was hard for me to find the first time, would not be so this time. (So, I thought). My first visit came at the invitation of clown extraordinaire Pedro Correia , who had been introduced to me by confectioner and acrobat extraordinaire Joana Guerra . When I tried to arrive, it was not known by passer by’s I had enquired of, and there was no parking nearby. Once parked I found the place and the owners to be hospitable, as I tried traditional Portuguese fare and they recharged my mobile for me.

While meeting with Pedro and Joana, a fellow arrived, to whom I was introduced, Filipe, who noted he had already seen me taking photos of the mermaid by the sea, earlier in the day. The next day Filipe invited to got to Civadade de Terroso, prehistoric ruins just outside of town, lunch and a gift of his art work after we had lunch.

It was no surprise and a pleasure when he sent out an invite to his art opening and DJ night at the same location we had met not more than a month later. When I arrived at the location, it was not the place I remembered. The same place was not the same place, for it was no longer Capital dos Petiscos, traditional Portuguese restaurant, it was now L’Entre Deux (between two) Crepere (pancakes).

There I was greeted by the new owners, Nathalie e Paulo Silva , who also charged my phone as they shared their dreams for their new venture, in a town not accustomed to non-traditional foods. Like many non-cosmopolitan places, new tastes, are a challenge to the taste buds of locals. Since my visit to their restaurant I was at a festival with 5 food vending booths, the one with traditional Portuguese fare had a line longer then the other 4 (Pizza, burgers, waffles, popcorn) combined. They will have a challenge to gain access to the pallets of the local Portuguese.

They not only want to share their French cuisine of crepes, but also be a creative place and a place for creative people to converse and eat. We shared ideas, of things to do, it will be interesting to see how they progress and I look forward to assisting as I can, in their effort to succeed with creative cuisine, expanding the offerings in Vila do Conde.

And, as you can see Filipe the artist and Dj, is already on the bandwagon for L’Entre Deux Crepere, as he brought his wagon with record player and records to his DJ art opening gig.

Herewith, the creative cuisine of Nathalie and Paulo, and the artwordks of Filipe.

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