Ireland: Celtic Winter ends with the setting of the full moon

Galway, Ireland

Celtic Winter ends with the setting of the full moon. Celtic Spring is born with the rise of the full moon. (Videos of the motion of the seasons change of spirits are followed by stills of the Burren).

Waking of the new. putting to rest the old.

The moons play out the transition in the Burren, as fauna and flora, celebrate along with Celts anew. This is a time of movement and change, with this movement shown in this post of moon, animal, fire, wind, water, upon the stone, the foundation of the Burren.

Special thank to Peter Butler a Burren specialist and fellow amateur photographer, who helped to guide me to the spots to be, to catch the changes of spirit in the Burren. And Eamon Carrick and Pathways for inviting me and including me with their lunar celebration. With all of my moon stalking, I may be becoming a Lunar-tic.

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