Jumping with the moon can be hazardous, but worth it

Kinvara, Ireland

One armed Storyographer needs assistance.

While it is well known cows are able to jump over the moon.
The moon is not so successful in jumping over cows, and finds itself in the bush.

As for me, my attempt to bound over a wall to catch the moon rise over Dunguaire, left me with a great fall.

Mey arm bound in a sling. My shoulder dislocated.
University Hospital helped the shoulder to be relocated.

Things are a bit Cuckoo for one who takes photos and tells stories. A one armed Storyographer I am.

For I have come at this time, for the Cuckcoo Fleadh,
the injury has put a ‘fleadh’ in my plans.

If by some chance you see me wandering about in Kinvara, this Cuckoo Bank Holiday Weekend; With camera in hand or over my good shoulder, with the other hand in sling, if you could give me your hand, and take some shots for me, it will be greatly appreciated.

Assistance will be compensated with food and beverage and appreciation to any of you who take a shot or two.


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