Back to Africa – Ancestral Awakening

Sesriem, Namibia

As I enter one of life’s caves, I capture the shape of Africa framing the skies above. Skies shared by all for millennia. With the log jammed by winter’s rain, in the same location in Africa, in which I stand to take this picture.


The birthplace of humanity, we celebrate birth (mine) our first full night. Our group representing all the continents, all of which trace their birth from Africa; with Europeans (Netherlands, Germany, England and Portugal), Asia (Korea), the Americas, Australia, and led by natives of land from which we all came. With one Dutch couple in the group, who will be celebrating the birth of yet another human, before years end.

Hosted by Victor and Floyd, whose people remained to care for the land, as ours traversed the world to find other places to live. Creating a multitude of cultures, from a shared beginning, we now share once again. Learning to be one with nature, we get instruction on how to build our new homes as we trek the lands before us.

The ancient skies remain unchanged through the millennia; While we are greeted by the planets, (Jupiter, Saturn and Venus), a full moon, and a Sun’s rising and setting; while the history of humans upon the earth changes with time.

As the animals have migrated so have we, like this flock which flies into the sunset to return once again with the warmth of the sunrise.
As we travel upon these ancient lands we hope to experience it as our ancestors did and to renew our awareness of whence we came.

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