A Royal event – the return of the King

Mongu, Zambia

Every year the Lozi people celebrate Kuomboka ceremony when the Barotseland plain is flooded and people from various regions come to witness this spectacular event. Now on this occasion, we are witnessing the return of the King of the Lozi people from the highlands to the lowlands, the ceremony is called Kufuluela as the rainy season has subsided. The Lozi people celebrate his return to the lowland palace with song and dance.

Watch as the kings boat arrives with Elephant on top, escort boats and crowds awaiting. The King steps off the boat carrying his staff (which if grabbed from his hand, his rule ends) and walks to his appointed chair. Greeted by the Lozi people, the dance and song begin; enjoyment is shared by all.

Thank you to Boyd Muyatwa ‘The boss’, Lifelaw Lifelo, Christina Namz, the team from Zamtel (for naming me Sitali ‘The Leaf’), Musenge Happy and Monde Litungi for your photo, video and, commentary assistance.

Greeting Ceremony


Traditional Dance – Claims of discovery

While modern cultures claim they discovered unknown inhabited lands, and created new forms of physical expression, watch people perform the twist and twerk as they have for hundreds if not thousands of years before those words existed.

Lozi King’s Elephant Boat arrives with king at lowland palace

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