The journey begins!

Phoenix, USA

Arising with the setting of the crescent moon and the rising of the Phoenix from desert’s ashes the journey begins. Packed light for a year’s travel, a carry on back pack, computer case and an all-purpose pair of shoes (slip ons/offs for easy movement through airport security, treaded for hiking and styled for use as evening wear).

The journey starts off with a Capitol idea, a flight to Washington D.C. taking off from the mountains of Phoenix, over the Navajo Nation, a dessert’s snow, lands cratered and marked as if it were another world, giving way to white sands, or snow, it is hard to know.

Crop circles galore and solar panels set in a way that looks like a computer’s chip configuration. Upon crossing the Continental Divide things seem as cloudy as my memory, until the mighty Mississippi is passed over. Windmills where the answers may be blowing, in their wind. Then there are horseshoe bends galore as the Appalachians are nestled beneath our wings. Just before the gravity aided touch down, a heart shaped sand trap blanketed in snow, greets us, just so you know. And the Capitol is reached.
A night’s flight to Montreal, Canada leaves us in the dark, waiting to reveal itself with tomorrow’s morning light.

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