Christmas in Arizona 2015

Arizona USA

The bitter sub-freezing temperatures have arrived here, in the form of an Ice Cream truck, playing traditional Down Under Christmas Music like Waltzing Matilda.

While a traditional Christmas for most is celebrated in the snow, with socks above the fireplace, chestnuts, egg not and a Christmas Tree. (Well maybe not like my home state of Oregon, or in my adopted Irish Village of Kinvara, where a Wet and not White is the norm.)

Christmas here is celebrated surrounded by palm trees, in a land with donkeys, with warm clear nights; and seasonal travelers (some virgin some not).

What a novel concept, well maybe not, seems more Noel than our adaptions added by various cultures over the years. I guess it is close to how the first Noel was experienced, well except in Arizona finding 3 Wise men, would be a miracle.

None-the-less may we all enjoy the spirit of a holiday to celebrate, rebirth and peace, for all irrespective of how it is practiced and by whom.


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