Moon Walk, in Vila do Conde, Portugal, at Areia, Arvore

Moon Walk, take a walk on Moanday, as I used to call it, when Monday was the first work day. Today though it was Moonday, as the moon set and rose again, full of itself. Over the place to which I am isolated, where I practice my lunarcy as I dance with the Moon. On the edges of morning and night.

As I awaited the moon to set, the Sun was arising, with Moon afore me, and Sun behind, I needed to be a mother with eyes in the back of my head. But, I am not, I had to move to and fro with clumsy stealth, in hopes of capturing everything and missing none.

With the Moon set/Sunrise shot, at morning’s edge, I return at the edge of night, to catch the Sun’s set and Moon’s rise at the same location.

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