Back to the New Normal, at New Age Kindergarten, in Swakopmund, Namibia

Back to School, in Swakopmund, Namibia, class of 2034. Starting school in the midst of pandemic these preschoolers re-begin their education. The school of 76 students has been closed since, March; able to reopen with 20 students, their education re-begins.

In this video, the students of appropriately named, New Age Kindergarten are giving thanx for their masks, sanitizing supplies and newly painted walls, that were arranged to permit their return.

I am impressed by my African friends, they have been able to manage the Covid-19 pandemic better than, the other continents.They have kept the Namibian death rate to 10.15 people per million. With Africa at 24.02 per million and the USA’s 621.21 per million.

Without all the resources of the Western World, but applying the science, they are not having Third World results, but outperforming the Developed World, Second World and other Third World counterparts.

If pandemics were an Olympic Sport, they would be getting the Gold medal.

Thank you to Patemoshela Haulyouke for her dedication to teach, an Katrina Garises for helping to organize the resources needed, to provide a safe education, for these budding students.

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