Rebicycling Plant

Sept 3, 2020 · Góis, Portugal
Recylcing Plant – Portuguese Style

Today I came across quite a literal interpretation of Recycling Plant, as I discovered a hillside of bicycles planted into the earthen bank. I am thinking they must be mountain bikes. How the used bikes grow, once planted I do not know? Maybe it is a bicycle park, instead, but why one, or many ones, park their bikes on a hillside, I do not know.

There was no one to enquire with, apparently they were on their lunch cycle. I did note Frosty was there, maybe this all has to do with his magic hat. There was a cave also, I am thinking maybe there is a Santa connection and the cave is home to the Elves.

Whatever the case, it appears somebody gets some joy from saving bikes on the hillside, and maybe, some like me get a “kick standing”, here looking. None-the-less, Portugal seems to be full of eclectic surprises.

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