Let the clowning begin


Having left the west coast Sunset in the dust of my rearview mirror. I headed to Portugal’s Eastcoast, with my passengers as we passed castles of yore. Where Jesters would jest. Upon our late arrival there were plans being made in the shadows. And at Jesters rectangular table.

I had been asked to collect passengers on the way. I said, I could take 3. But then I was told I would have a clown meeting me, another to pick up at the airport and a third on the way. When I was told I would be transporting clowns, I said in that case I could take 20 or more.

Now I did make a discovery, while at the circus you can get 20 or more clowns into a car. When it involves luggage, you can tell the size of a clowns shoes by the size of there suitcase. In this case there was little room left for clowns and me. Ines Neiva Ilva Otero

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