Rio deal

June 10, 2017 · Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil ·

Rio on my last night with a full Moon rising behind the blanketed sky, as the sun sets behind the same blanket but with a burst of energy before turning the night sky over to the moon. I was hoping for a clearer night to bring the monthly moon shot to my moon loving friend Krista MacKinnon and a birthday present to my cousin Paul Bishop, but the lighted options were limited. Not even Christ could redeem the evening to provide better photos opportunities, other things were more important I am sure.

Paul for you, the 5th picture reminds of your profile photo, with family and seal. Krista for you the sole photo that could pull the light of the moon through the clouded blanket. I hope it has a enough energy for you soul to be alit, by its dimmed light.

After the sun had set and the moon continued to rise unseen, a bursts of lightening and thunder broke open the clouds, covering the shore in rain and emptying it of its’ swim suit throng of beach lovers; which can be seen prior to the down pour. And the last photo, which shows the last thing you would see on a Rio beach devoid on those enjoying it And leaving myself and my companions Bruno Pazos, Lupita Sampaio and Lusia Santos drenched, the rain was wet, but warm..

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