Constructive conversation, and seeing me actually work (As I did for many a years in a constructive way.)

June 13, 2017 Madagascar

Constructing constructive relationships

With construction noise above me, reminding me of my time from 12 to 50 years of age, building things one way or another, I thought I would find out what was happening on the construction site above me. It was a sight to see, a combination of old brooms to laser technology. Workmen, working just as I had in years past.

Not used to having guests on the job site, they inquired of me in Malagasy, I responded in French, which fell on death ears. Pulling out my cell phone, I shared with them in Malagasy of my experience with this line of work. Fists came out, forfist bumps, and I found myself working side by side with skilled men of labor as I had done in the past.

I will be back on Thursday and again two weeks later, I hope I do well enough they will have work for me again.

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