Journey’s end for Mother and Daughter

May 17, 2017, USA

Friends of Sabina Erjavec, she is on her way back. I thoroughly enjoyed joining her on the trip she coordinated on her own from Arizona via California, Nevada, and Utah. She and her mother had a great time, as I took shots along the way, and what a beautiful way it was. She should have lots of stories to tell and 29,373 photos to show you upon her return. This is her plane as she flies from Phoenix to London and then Vienna to Kranj. A well abled world traveler she has become. Finishing her trip celebrating Mother’s Day in Sedona. And like other beautiful Slovenian women in the USA her own personal security detail.

Now that Sabina has a feel for what Earth Personally is about, she will be editing the blog to help others discover the world and others, as she is doing.

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