Thoughts of the year ended of events experienced

January 4, 2017 Peru

Night’s Edge, the Year’s End brought some pleasant surprises, to a rather event filled year.

Arriving in the USA at LAX on the edge of night, and the edge’s of a years end and another’s beginning; I think back to my year and a bit as I get reminders of events from new friends met and old friends on the net.

The highlight was sharing the Olympics with my son. The latest highlight was getting an update from a waitress in Zimbabwe, who named her newborn son with my name, for my giving a tip for her baby in waiting. And, another hearing from a fellow passenger on a Moroccan train from 17 months prior.

With the name sake, it started innocently enough. I had just finished a walk on the Victoria Falls edge and stopped at the on-site restaurant for a bite to eat. The waitress had a big smile and a growing tummy and a nametag with the name Brenda Dube I mentioned to her that would have been my name had I been a female, but as that was not the case my mother named me, for a lawyer friend of my parents who had saved someone’s life in a restaurant from choking. I gave her my travel card (I do not have a business card, I am no longer in the business of business, ergo the travel card) When the meal was completed and it was time to pay, I asked the cashier if I left a tip would it go to Brenda, she responded, not tips are shared. Then I asked, if I leave a tip for Brenda’s baby does the baby have to share. She responded no, that would be for the baby. Ergo, I gave two tips one for Brenda and workmates and one for the baby in waiting. Brenda contacted me a few days later, via the internet, to thank me and to say she would name her future son for me. I thanked her and asked her why me, to which she responded, “I had been the only one to give a gift to her son”. Today we made contact once again, with her sending me Brendon’s photos, a very handsome young (2 months) man indeed. She had kept her promise and named her son with my name. Life is special.

The other contact came from one of 5 gentlemen I met on a train from Rabat to Fez Morocco. Each of the men spoke a bit of English to me, then became engaged in a Moroccan conversation. I watched as one moved a water bottle to and fro through the discussion, using the water bottle as some sort of a visual aid as a debate ensued. When all was said, and done in Moroccan with water bottle, I asked in English, ‘Does his argument hold water?’ to which they all laughed. 17 months later I hear from the bottle man Fatih Kamal wanting to be Facebook friends. Life is special.

For my Olympic moment, I invited my son Evin Leland, who I had not had quality time in over 15 years to join me for the Olympics. He did. We had quality time and now we have plans for New Zealand and the Olympics in Japan in 2020. Life is special.

This year has been a very unique year indeed for me. Each day not like any other. Meeting people learning of other ways of life and learning things I did not know about me. It has been a very special year. Life is special.

We have but one, for whatever time the timer is set for, I am doing my best to make the best of each tick of the timer.

As I was thinking about how this adventure got its’ birth in Morocco in July 2015, with my first Storyograpies and would end with year’s end, I now realize it will last another lifetime, through the life of a young boy I have not yet met. And will be enhanced with future adventures with a son deserving of quality time. And people met, to be met and relationships to be built upon. Life is truly special.

I leave you with rainbows from Patagonia to Victoria falls, representing the luck I had in meeting the people I did. Life is special.

Last photo is of Monde Litungi and Faith who were strolling along Victoria Falls as they modeled the latest in African fashion. Life is special.

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