Talking English to Taiwan’s Toastmasters and English Teachers

November 29, 2016 · Taiwan

有朋自遠方而來, Irene 從美國回來了,Brent遠從愛爾蘭旅行來臺,瑤瑤姐…….嗯…….很久以前就從美國回來了,哈哈哈..有了3位精彩的演講內容,再加上熱情參與的members和guests, 溫馨感人的氣氛持續在Charming Club 圍繞著。感謝Chesy Lin 認同我們的氛圍,遠從高雄來加入我們。

There are friends coming from afar, Irene is back from USA, Brent traveling far from Ireland to Taiwan, sister yoyo……. hmmm……. back from America a long time ago lol.. With 3 amazing speeches, plus enthusiastic members and guests, the heartwarming atmosphere continues around charming club. Thank you chesy lin for agreeing with our atmosphere, coming from kaohsiung to join us.

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