Patagonia’s mermaids and more

December 19, 2016 · Punta Arenas, Chile

Mermaidian Story is not as Black and White, as it seems.

Watch as this young girl not only dreams upon a star, but catches it. Once she makes her wish upon it, she releases as another girl flies through the starry sky dotted by the Southern Cross, and leaves the ‘wished upon star’ for a Mermaid to make the girls dream come true.

Later, Mermaid and Merman play with the full moon as they catch and toss it with their shell horns; a mermaid/merman dating ritual game.

As the year ends, as do my travels, I find that the story of Mermaid and Merman is not as black and white, as the mermaid beneath the statue of Magellan, in the straits named for him. While it is taught in history, that Magellan circumvented the globe, he did not. He died in the Philippines others finished the journey with little acclaim. It is not surprising then to find that (in todays climate of unreal reality), while some feel mermaids are but a fantasy. I have found them from Iceland, to Patagonia and all continents in-between.

Discover with me that mermaids, like chameleons are able to change colors with the seas, from cold Pacific and Atlantic black, to Great Barrier Reef aqua green, to Red Sea red, Orange River (Namibia/South Africa) Orange, Fiji violet, Mediterranean blue and more. Being stealth protects the from the vagaries of man and trophy hunters.

Watch as they play in the day, lead ships to safety, and simultaneously change color with the tides of the sea and day.

Please note the variation of mermadian anatomy: The tail of a Merman, is like that of a seal; as the Mermaid, is that of a whale’s fluke. The Mermaid in the first photo has scales mid thigh the other waist high. In India you see the evolving mermaid with she being literally woman in fish. So as with other species, variations exist, as do mermaids and mermen. As well as with their attire, cold water mermaids appear to wear sea-cups, warm water mermaids go with a less restrained attire.

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