Tea Plantation, where a Tempest and a Tea Pot are found

October 10, 2016 · Sri Lanka

Welcome to Mackwoods (as opposed to Hollywood), tonight’s showing: Tempest and a Tea Pot, or How I learned to Micro-brew my tea. Plus signs of commercialism, and a Prince; Charming or Not so charming.

Sri Lanka is famous for its’ various blends of Teas, but not so well known for its Microbrewed Tea, which you can see pictured in a beer garden. They are working on a black tea nourished by cans of Guinness.

Joking aside, some pictures of the tea making process (starting at withering heights), the people who do the work, where they live and the Prince they work for. Interspersed with commercial advertisements which market wares beyond the reach of those who work beneath them.

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