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2016 August 8 Rocinha Rio de Jameiro – Summer Olympics
Amazing what people can do when there is no one willing to assist them.

A self-built community of about 100,000 people, with their own shops, schools, homes and more. There was no government help, permitting, or support as this community of people, who could not afford homes built their home and community, to help support the labor needs of Rio. They work for low wages and little if any benefits, to serve the landed class of Rio. In recent years, the government has added a recreation center, hospital and some other amenities, as the favelas are being accepted as part of the fabric of the city.

Before I arrived in Rio, I was told to beware of the slums and crime in these areas. But I found, there was nothing to beware of. As you watch video of my motorcycle ride and look at the photos, of people, homes, businesses and more, there does not seem to be any fear. There are no metal shutters, steel gates, barbed wire, as I see in other places I travel. Instead, the shop fronts are open, with easy access to the stocks.
People walk casually along the streets and through the alleys. While the markets are active, the attitudes are relaxed. Let this video show you Rocinha from base to top. https://youtu.be/LebUkaUmkxQ

Along with people going about, what people go about doing in a self-made community, are young men displaying the art of Capoeira, a combination of Martial Arts and dance. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuW0g1zlMQi7vwaAxecFACw

Enjoy the photos of my son and friend as tour guides lead us through Rocinha and we discover not a community to fear, but one engaged in making a healthy community.

In the first pictures, you will see Rejane Reis, who organized the locals to be guides and open up the Favela for all to see and discover. Watch as Carlos Antonia De Souza, pushes apart the mountains, to permit the Rocinha residents to enjoy the fresh breeze of the ocean below. And for the residents of Rio to be able to look up, at the hard-working community, that helps to support the life and energy of the city they all share, Rio de Janeiro.

Rejane Reis, is the CEO of Exotic Tours and the creator of the guide and Favela Tour program, to provide people who live in Rocinha to share, their places with people from every place. Carlos, is not only a guide, but a poet, artist and craftsman. Luiza Chavez, also grew up here and because of the guide program, she learned English and has many opportunities available to her.

Along with the photos of the Rocinha, enjoy the videos of the motor-taxi and of the Capoeira performance which included my son Evin Leland and friend Pedro Martinez.

I will return here, to live as a guest for two weeks in June 2017. I am looking forward to what I learn from the people who live and work here.
Lupita Sampaio will be my host.

Evin Leland Pedro Martinez

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