Today’s youth trying to retain her heritage.

March 3, 2017 · Maun, Botswana ·

Story of: 2016 August 26

Sustained Survival: At age 17 she is the life line of a culture of many millennia. The Bush people the last of the hunter gatherers who are no longer permitted to hunt, and instead for survival, share their skills, knowledge and traditions with drive by tourist.

17 as I call her, is the mother of two, who instead of opting for the dynamics of modern life has opted to remain in the Bushes life line, and to share her heritage with those who will listen, for tips for her clan/tribe so they buy the meat they can no longer hunt.

On this day, she was with her mother (37) and grandmother (??), as they told of their life’s, the plants that nourish and the plants that cure what ails them.

The evening before her family group had entertained us with song, dance and stories, of life and legend, around an open fire. A fire that had been fueled by branches collected by 17, with a baby strapped to her back, as other family members assisted.

It is always sad to hear of cultures gone by. I have great respect for this young lady, who strives for the continuation of her people and he knowledge and awareness nurtured for millennia.

As their sharing with us concluded, it was time to give them the lifeline of a tip. But, I had no currency to share, since I was unable to make it to a cash machine. This did not settle well with me. I will return to visit 17 and her people once again in mid-July but this time, I will provide as well as I can, for a mother of two and her clan, to survive the restraints put upon them, by others not so cultured.

(I find it sad, that a culture whose life is engrained on the hunting of wild animals, but now put on a show to buy the meat they once hunted. While those of other classes can pay to trophy hunt the very animals that sustained a culture for millenniums.

As the presentation finishes, we can see 17’s infectious smile and laugh, as she carries the fate of her people on her back, literally.
And some out takes, a bush hut and one of my fellow travelers Mick, inflamed.

And Tim Hoogervorst and Meagan Van de Mortel provide a comparison of stature.

Angie Vroutjie Gomkhaises Enock Dube

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