Rio de Janeiro to Cape town. Maiden flight Julio Gomez

August 11, 2016 · Cape Town, South Africa ·

One ‘and’ a Hundred Million: Julio Gomes looks out the window experiencing his first ever flight, as other souls add to the over one hundred million passenger count for an airline.

It was a pleasure to share seats with this married, heavy machinery operator, from Brazil as he took flight for the first time; flying from Brasil to visit South Africa.

Mind you, he did not speak English, as I do not speak Portuguese, but a conversation and relationship was established none-the-less where actions speak louder than words. Not only did we share seats but pictures of our homes, experiences and families as we explained our places in life. Additionally, we shared food and drink. Upon landing I helped Julio through his first Border/Custom Control experience, as well as, helping him to find his lost luggage, before we shared contact information and headed off to our separate flights.

Just two passengers of hundreds of millions sharing life’s travels.

Each experiencing the same event differently.

Watch as Julio watches his first take off, looks down upon a city (Sao Paulo) at night for the first time, the rise of the sun above the clouds of Africa and landing in a new land, in mornings light over Johannesburg. As we land a plane lifts off with more passengers adding to the experience of the many. And we part ways as others wait to finish their flight experience of the day.

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