Night and Day, Zebras at Play

February 28, 2017 · Namibia

It was exciting to see Zebra at play in the mountains of Sossusvalei, but with the setting of the Sun and the rising of the moon, the bright to dark, started the white to black of the night; so I thought. It was time for the Zebra and me to go to sleep.

Things in life are never as black and white as one may think, not even Zebras for in the light of a full moon, in lit water hole just meters/yards from where I slept with only a sleeping bag between me and nature; I was awoken by the sprinkle of rain, the flicker of lightening the sound of thunder, and the soft pounding and heavy breath of Zebras at play, as they postured for a last drink of one day and the first of another.

Watch as they pole prance around the poles light, nourishing themselves with the water of the night and bid us all a good night.

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