Discovering the Indian Ocean Nations

August 14, 2016 · South Africa

A helicopter lands within the frame taking me to my first view of the Indian Ocean, to see whales in dance, as the helicopter’s shadow sets the motion.

My trip started off with Magaly Macia, in Montreal with Chinese New Year, the year of the monkey; My birth year. Now I begin my overland journey through Africa, spending my 60th birthday in my 64th – 68th countries. And of additional significance, my birthday is under the sign of Leo the lion. Lions, Monkeys and whales oh my, what a journey to have.

My next months will be in Indian Ocean countries and islands. With the help of Gert Vanmuelen, Brigitte Lepoix and Beerma Bishnoi getting from here to the Himalaya’s will be journey beyond my expectations, leaving discovery as the only option.

Having just arrived her from Rio and the Olympics, I was of the opinion that Brazil was the most diverse country I had ever been, but that is no longer the case. Here in Cape Town, you can see the full range of cultures, races and religions engaged in sharing the same space as they go about their daily lives.

With me finishing he evening with a dinner show representative of the diverse country South Africa has become at Richard’s Supper Stage; with them leaving the past in their shadows.

From Himalayas I will go to Taiwan to re-meet a friend met, and meet new friends not met. Michelle Chiang, Amy Lin, and Winnie Yuto picture their backyards differently.

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