24 hours of Full-Moon and Sun

October 20, 2016 · Namibia.

24 hours of Full-Moon and Sun, rises and sets, waltzing in Namibia on 18 August 2016:

Most times if one can get some nice photographs of a setting or rising Moon or Sun, it is special. Yet in Namibia with the help of my friends and relatives, I present you with a simultaneous Sun rise and Moon Set, following a day’s light later a simultaneous red setting Sun dropping through the clouds to then hide behind the mountains, and a Red Moon rising above the mountains changing color through the night until with the rising of the Sun (behind a curtain of clouds) that morn the waning full moon turns pink and is full no more.

Fellow traveler Tim Hoogervorst contemplates whatever one contemplates, after spending a night in the desert of Namibia with nothing between him and the African rain sprinkled skies and zebras, except his sleeping bag.

All of this waltzing in exactly 24 hours from a golden Moon sneaking behind a tree, becoming full and red and then changing colors as it settles on pink, as it takes a sleep behind the rocks. With the Sun backing up the moon with a rise over the desert and an evenings beginning red setting through the clouds. In the morn the Sun was a no show, the curtains of clouds had been drawn before the Sun could make its entrance seen. But the Moon was in the pink as it descended through the clouds that had rained and provided an encore to be enjoyed.

Altogether not one ‘planetary’ show but 5 all in a span of 24 hours, now that is real special.

To add to your experience here is the song Sunrise Sunset, to listen to as you watch the movement of our Sun and Moon doing a 24 hour waltz. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLLEBAQLZ3Q

Special thank you for Bram En Edith, who took the rising Sun photos, I was not able to take because of an injured leg and the need to climb Dune 45. Not only were they able to take the wonderful pictures that I could not, it permitted me to take photos of the filling Moon as it set behind a sculptured lifeless tree. Sabina Erjavec for helping with cleaning up the red moonrise photo that was blurred as the picture was taken in a severally bouncing unstoppable truck.

And thank you Angie Vroutjie Gomkhaises for hosting us in your so beautiful country. (You already have the link to your song)

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