Street Music

July 19, 2016 · Mexico City, Mexico ·

Baratone Busker….Okay I am going to out myself to the creative community….yes I was one of those who asked musicians to perform for exposure to assist with marketing my business in Kinvara, Ireland. During this time I was aided but informed by Rob Stein this was not kosher or respectful. After that I arranged only paying gigs at the hostel, for musicians, dance, art, yoga teachers and the such.

Now as I take a bit of an excursion around the world, I make a point of whatever change I have in my pocket as I pass a busker to pass it unto them. Today it was this Baratone busker, in Mexico City. I am also taking photos and videos of them as they perform. When I complete my journey I hope to make a Storyography of it to show my appreciation for the likes of Rob SteinElsa J McTaggartJack Harrison and many more who almost every minute of their life’s enrich the world in which we live, without enriching themselves as much as they enrich others.

By the way he could have been a Tenor Troubadour, but while my knowledge of music is limited, my enjoyment of it is unlimited. Me I cannot play or sing, so I dance to the music.

I am pretty sure he is not a Soprano, since they were all killed off in the TV series, so I am not totally clueless on this subject.

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