Cultural dinner Show Santa Cruz, Bolivia

July 25, 2016 · Bolivia

Finding myself in O’Bolivia’n (AKA Bolivia) but not oblivious to enjoying life, watching traditional performers being non-traditional in a traditional setting, and having fun made of the lone ‘Irish’ gringo, meself.

As I walked through the Parque Urbano, I saw many who do not have much, but seem to do much laughing, playing and enjoying without the benefits of modern electronics. Even their dolls are representative of the world’s population a white one, various browns, and a green one’s (apparently they want their children to embrace aliens (They aren’t afraid of no aliens). And while straws may be a luxury, a romantic couple can still enjoy a cola together.

Vaudeville in the Park, it is nice to see park theatre is still alive and well, with people enjoying it. Two Bolivian Vaudevillians, entertain the crowd, at my (Irish Gringo’s) expense, me thinks, but all in good fun. Everything they said about me they said if front of my back, I have no clue what they said, except for they wanted Euros and sex, I think. Whatever the case the people watching got a good laugh at my expense. Which is fine, I can afford a good laugh for anyone; a good laugh, priceless.

Enjoy this video of the non-traditional show at Casa Del Camba (sorry for the video quality, I am a Storyographer, not a videographer (but I will work on making improvements for the next time and each time after that). Here Bolivian dance is presented in a non-traditional, traditional way.

Trisha Kasper I hope all is well going well with what I have sent, in the way of dance and music. In August my son Evin Leland will bring you the Latin addition, with song and dance from South America

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