June 26, 2016 · Valparaiso Chile.

I took a picture I was so pleased with, I fell for it and ended up in hospital. (Another Chapter for my International Hospital Holidays.)

This day I took many pictures but this one picture captured more than I had anticipated. I took a picture of Veronica De Monterey Mexico taking a picture. Simple enough? Nope, there was more to it than that.

She took a selfie, so I caught no only her but her image in the screen of her view finder. But there was more to it than that, because on the screen was not only her image but the reflection of her face in the view finder. Pretty Kool, I thought until I saw another image within the images.

My image of me, taking a picture of herself, with not only her image but her reflection too. So many layers to one picture.

Excited I turned to show the photo to Norah de Mexico City, Mexico, only to find myself gravitating to the ground. And becoming one with the pavement.

With not only a swelled ego, but a swelled ankle and hand, I now share the subject of my pride and the result thereof.

Tomorrow I go to the Andes.

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