Flight of the Solstice

June 22, 2016 · San Nicolás de los Garza, Mexico ·

A Winter’s Solstice:

Here I am on a night flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Santiago, Chile. Prior to boarding I had taken some sunset pictures of street lamps, fishermen and planes.

I recline my seat as we now made altitude and we are informed that it is the Winter’s Solstice. WHAT!!!!! Had I known I would have stayed on the ground taking pictures from the dirt into the Sky. Now I am in a plane, in the sky looking through dirty windows and with a pilot most unwilling to slow the plane for my photo taking needs.

Herewith is the best I could do in a challenged night in flight situation to capture the Solstice in Winter.

Photos include a view to Buenos Aires as the plane takes altitude, the Andes at night, the Solstice moon reflecting off a frozen Chilean lake (2 photos, blurred by dirty windows and excessive air speed), the solstice moon and then a selection of Solstice night in flight photos.

Please note the planet Jupiter has also joined in with the flight following the moon on it’s Winter’s Solstice path (Jupiter is the bright star like looking dot in the photos from the airplane’s window) and in the end a plane leaving from Buenos Aires through the trees.

Nature is grand no matter where in the universe you experience it.

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