Fall off a curb get back on a horse

July 4, 2016 · Lurín, Peru ·

With only one leg to stand on, and only one hand to eat with, it was time to venture out of recovery, so what better way than to find four legs to sit on, which I was able to do at Hacienda Los Ficus, Peru. Upon arrival through the gates I met Fernando and Elizabeth de Mexico, Greg O’Ireland and his Contessa de Sydney y Peru.

It was nice to get out and walk about bit, watch a horse show, which started out with the bringing of the water to the mermaid (my mermaidian friends) and the traditional dance of the wife as her husband arrives from a day out on the ranch. Finishing with a nice traditional hacienda lunch.

As you scroll through the first pictures pass the mermaids and my friends for the day, you will see a long horizontal giraffed necked horse, and then from there the show begins. Followed by me mates, mi amigos horsing around…….Enjoy.

Jerca Gabor LiLy AlvarEz Tamara Green

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