Died and gone to heaven so I thought

June 28, 2016 · Santiago, Chile.

Died and gone to heaven so I thought, but no, in the morning I leave for Lima Peru-sing as I do. (That one is for you Alan Banks)

The morning started with an earth shaking quake of 5.1, 30 miles from my room. Then I had a light at the end of the tunnel moment (funicular to heaven, not to be confused with the stairway) and came face to face with St. Peter, only on closer inspection of the plaque to find our it was Pope John-Paul (who as far as I know has not replaced St. Peter). After a number of false alarms my day continued into night.

Therefore, my day was like most any other day, except for the street market/sales people, and restaurant barkers, left this limping one handed pedestrian alone. (Not to self: To avoid being hassled display a handicap. Which I actually find to be a sad commentary.)

Herewith pictures of a clearish day in Santiago, Chile; other storyographies to follow:

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