Decadent Dinner – A Michelen Meal

June 24, 2016 · Santiago, Chile ·

Affordable Decadence

When travelling in economically diverse countries, it is nice to be able to do things you could otherwise not afford. Tonight I went to the finest restaurant in Chile, and had seafood’s I would normally dread to eat, in what turned out to be flavors beyond my imagination. And by now whoever knows me knows I have a pretty darn good imagination.

My meal included flower petals, unique regional nuts and berries, native mushrooms, pre-historic apples the size of green peas, eel, mussel, squid, sea cucumber, algae, seaweed etc. Along with non-alcoholic drinks with garlic, vinegar, onions, fruit, nuts in combinations that were surprisingly quite delightful.

As each dish was made, the person who prepared it delivered it. Being from various countries I was pleased to say hello and thank you in their languages, and they were quite pleased with this too.

Altogether from start to finish there were 16 courses, all of which had pleasing flavors and presentation. A meal like this in the USA or Western Europe would be near to unobtainable and cost in the hundreds of dollars. But the cost at this Michelin Approved Chilean Restaurant, BORGo was about the price of a meal at a high-end chain Steak house.

Enjoy the photos of the food and the wonderful people who prepared it.

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