Day of the Dance – D-Days

June 21, 2016 · Broadway Hotel & Suites Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dings that start with D, dedicated to my Dancing Diva friends, and all those somewhere under the rainbow.

The prevailing letter for my week in Buenos Aires, Argentina was the letter ‘D’ not surprising with it being Dad’s Day week. There was dancing and demonstrations, and dancing/demonstrations and demonstration/dancing.

Are you discerning while the letter for the week is D the theme word is Dance?

They even map out how to dance on the street. A dance-o-gram

There were demonstrations for sexual identity personal safety rights (including a shout out to those in Orlando). (slide show)

There was a demonstration dance about self-identity and expression. (slide show) and video

A brother-sister semi-spontaneous street dance, semi-spontaneous because it was encouraged by the dance steps planted in the streets and my being there with a camera to record it. (slide show)

And even a sporting dance of Fans demonstrating through dance their support for their beloved football team. For some watching football/soccer is like watching paint dry, if you want to artiste at work, watch these fans as they move with athletic beauty, and without needed to feign injury. I was too far for my microphone to pick up the cheers that went with the dancing, so hope this cheers you up none-the-less. (slide show) and video

With traditional Tango and Salsa


And a grand finale of Dad’s/Daughter Father’s Day, Father’s/Daughter’s Wedding Day Dance all in less than a minute. (and no it was not a Minute Waltz)

In the end, an Encore! Encore! I did not want to be out of step, so I did a bit of street dancing myself. (slide show)

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