With my travels coming to the end, I find that the world may be coming to an end too.

August 30, 2015 · United Kingdom
With my travels coming to the end, I find that the world may be coming to an end too. Being a dangerously inquisitive type, I thought I should check it out and I did.

As I went into the alley a bright light drew me in. When I came through it I was as confused as the others, which way to go. Virgin? In what way?

Then upon looking at the clock with light (video) I realized I was travelling at the speed of light, if you look at the video you see the clock does not move and there is no light emanating from the lamp. Just like Einstein said, time stands still when travelling at the speed of light. It appears once one is travelling with the light, the light goes unseen.

Beckoned in by ‘stoned’ men, one holding rose, I entered……(from herewith: each picture of what I experienced and witnessed has a running commentary with it)……Enter into the world’s end close…… Will I get stuck between dimensions? Will it be a waste of time, mine or yours? Who or what will I encounter on the fringe of being? Will the end be the final end, a new beginning or just a jaunt into the unknown?

Where and how will this end? Will it be hot or not? Will I have skirted my fate, or ended up in kilt or kiln or both?

Pictures you will see will be from annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival, largest of its kind (only the Summer Olympics as a greater attendance) with 3,000 shows, of great variety over a 3 week period, a sunny San Francisco (my memories of San Francisco are always foggy) and finally, where and how the world for me on this day ended. As I travel at the speed of life.

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