June 5, 2016 · Guilin, china.

THE POLICE CHASE: When I visit a country I rarely know what to expect, so I was not surprised when on my first day in China I found myself engaged in a police chase. I on foot and the police vehicle on 4 wheels, reminiscent of the speeds of the OJ chase but without all of the media. Watch it here:

Eventually, the chase ended with no harm to anyone, as the Policeman I captured in my camera was more than happy to line up pose for a ‘Mugged’ shot. Additionally, while politicians claim they will clean the streets of societies filth and do nothing. The Police in Guilin g(pronounced Gwee-leeng) literally clean the streets of their city of filth, rubbish and anything else that may lurk upon the city’s streets.

I know there are many women who love men in uniform, so if you are ever in Guiling, give the Policeman with a big smile and the one who keeps it clean, a big hug. They would appreciate it. Gina Firman Nikkel A man with a smile and badge awaits you. 

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