My Contessa, I fear I have erred

June 23, 2016 · Santiago, Chile ·

My Contessa, I fear I have erred. in revealing too much in my latest profile photograph.

In my attempt to hide what should be hidden I have exposed our secret; the means to which I am able to travel far and wide due to your good graces.

When I went with the steed you have provided me, to join the Gaucha’s, not wanting to expose our secret I dyed the protuberance to brown to blend in with the surroundings of the dirty grounds. But this was not wise, as you can see when the dark brown is against a green background.

Some of my followers, saw that I had Photo-shopped the steed and when returning it to its original color with their superior Photo-shoppng skills, exposed my steed for the magical animal it is.

Now people will realize that my stories are not fanciful tales, but as true as the unicorn I ride and the mermaid I discovered on the way. (oops forget what I said about the mermaid).

Despite that the truth of my travelling companion has been exposed, and the veracity of my stories confirmed; I will carry on with my quest to visit lands over the horizons until there is no horizon.

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