Memories on the Bounty

June 10, 2016 · Bounty Island, Mamanuca, Fiji.

From the rising of Earth’s star to the night skies jewels of planets, stars and galaxies, my memories of the Bounty will be vivid.

My memory of this paradise island will not be only the vividness of its nature and surroundings but the people within, the people who make it the special place it is. Even on the rainy days their spirit and smiles are as vivid as the sunrises and sunsets that they work within.

I operated an accommodation in Ireland for over a decade, and I always felt that the character of the owners and staff set the tone for the quality of the experience for their guests. The accommodation I and my partner managed could not have been the success it was, without the Hostel Helpers we had, and the village it was in.

Being at Bounty Island Resort reminded me of the grand times had by all, staff, guests and locals. It was nice to relive this experience as I rested on my journey around the world. The world is a big place, this tiny island which can be walked around in 45 minutes will be a big Memory on the Bounty and Earth personally.

From the heart shaped flower growing from the sands of the beach, the rising of the sun, staff and guests, to the day’s activities for staff and guests, to the star studded sky, with a crescent moon to say good night, this is a wonderful place for all.

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