Doorus Day

August 21, 2015 · Galway, Ireland

Dedicated to the new owners and the dedicated volunteers of Doorus Orchard Community Garden.

DOORUS DAY – A day of humans in fruit bearing nature

A gift dedicated to the currently secret buyers of historical Doorus House, may you enjoy the fruits of the labour of the Doorus Orchard Community Garden Project.

Herewith, are the creators and caretakers of what was a fallow property 10 years ago. This since, has never been a secret garden, but a garden that has involved the community, schools, locals and even those from afar to maintain and protect Irish Heritage food bearing plants.

As they celebrate the beginning of the harvest, may this not be a celebration of the end of 10 years of creations but a new beginning with the new owners to share this specialness with others.

May the story of this garden continue as represented by the final two photos, nature on our minds and smiles on our faces.

Note: These are only pictures of the day, many others have been involved over the years and still are who are not pictured; if you are one of those please send me your picture and pictures of the garden you would like to share and I will add them to this album.

There is no secret here, we invite you into the world of humans in/and nature.
— at Doorus Orchard Community Garden.

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