Birthday Presence Present

August 16, 2015 · Kinvara, Ireland ·

Birthday Presence Present (I am having problems so Lacey, Eileen, Melissa, Gina, and Magaly you are all tagged but I cannot get it to work.)

No birthday would be a birthday without presents. My friends, as a present I share my presence in Kinvara with ye:

For me it was the Galway Bay Hookers of the Cruinniu Na MBad; a most loyal friend, Michael the ‘Neighbor/Farmer’ Hynes; a dessert made with Irish attention to detail; Alex and I hiding our halos and two of my ‘Besties’.

Now for the my presence’s presents for you:

For my minions of friends; minions in various colours, yellow, purple and the Kinvara village colours of yellow and purple. And a minion tea cup filled with flowered herb tea.

Lacey Mulford, I followed the caution sign and cautiously drove off the pier, apparently not having the bike behind me but locked up resulted in my being a stuck in the mud. Fortunately, some hookers and a life preserver got me out of the mess. I really think it should be a don’t sign, with red circle/line and not a caution sign. Anyway nothing like a saltwater car wash, for a 1,300 euro deductible.

Gina Firmam Nikkel, I spotted a policeman for your collection. Then he went for Ice Cream, a policeman with ice cream should be to yours and Melissa Sparks Murphy’s taste, I am sure you can find a way to share.

Magaly Macia, Karen and Paul give their greetings as do two fellow Canadian citizens and even the Canadian ambassador sends his greetings to you, as a newly ordained French/Canadian citizen.

Melissa Sparks Murphy, Mighty Matty gives you the thumbs up and wants you to serenade you as you take him home country road…

Kinvara walled garden thank you for managing the present of nature with love and attention. (Mette I cannot find a link for the walled-in-garden project can you share this posting with them for me, thank you, oh and also with your tyre minions too?)

Now as for you Eileen Mclane; when you talked of the hotdogs, were you wanting the hotdogs, the hotdog man or his hotdog? I was not sure so I sent you pictures of all. I also have his contact details if you want more of him or his hotdog(s).

For my present; pictures of the Hookers that lured me back to Kinvara.

And the final photo, a present for those who like window shopping, some window dressing for ye.

Also I dropped off a birthday card to Hilary, a most entertaining and out spoken young lady. She I and I share the same birthday, ergo we are the same age? Since she is 34, I think that makes me the same, by being born on the same day, does it not? Hopefully, she is going with the lady like 29, making me 30 years younger but sadly I am none the wiser or humourouser.

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