A Nadi day in Fiji

June 4, 2016 · Nadi, Fiji ·

A Nadi day in Fiji. This was to be a productive day. A day to visit the post office to get postal boxes to send items including external drives with pictures to be sorted, excess baggage unused and unneeded, and a gift or two. I started off at my hotel and walked around the corner to the post office only to find they had many things but not the postal boxes I needed. (I will have to work on another plan). I then went to the mobile phone company to find out why the SIM card I had bought the day before was now not letting me send emails. After spending an hour with technical support; it was determined to be undeterminable and to try again later.

From there I went for a walk about, just to see what the non-tourist part of tourist country looked like and to see how they shopped and interacted. There was a mixture of religions, heritages etc. and their shops and stores reflected this. With people of the various combinations, interacting with each other with ease.

Along with shops, churches and temples, there were flowers and people milling about. I stopped at a riverside restaurant, where I enjoyed a view of the river, the people using it, and those going over its bridge as I ate my dinner. With dinner there was a buzz when a bee decided to do some Coke. I retrieved it from the liquid abyss and with some flapping of its wings, it dried and buzzed off.

As the bee departed, so the sun began its descent and girls giggled and laughed as they partook in the art of selfie taking and a cohort took a photo of the quartet as I took photo of he and they.

The night ended with some reflective sunset pictures and two very Nadi girls. (With each picture getting Nadier and Nadier)

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