An Eye on Macau

February 20, 2017 · Macao, Macau ·

It is fun to take a local on holiday in their home place. It is not unusual when I visit friends in their home town for the…m to enjoy discovering things they had not experienced in their own backyard. This was the case when I met up with my friends in Macau.

Dennis Ng, his now wife Fanny Lao (with child), Kei Mok and JessiCa joined me at various times of my visit to their home of Macau. Once a Portuguese colony and now transitioning back to its ancestral country of China.

Our reunion started off as it had begun with umbrellas. We originally met in Portugal last August, on our way to the town of Agueda, where umbrellas are manufactured and used to shade their streets in summer. A very colourful and practical way to beat the summer heat. For our purpose the umbrella’s I gifted them were used to keep us dry during Macau’s Spring showers. If you go to my blog you will see the umbrella’d streets where we shared a day and continued together on the next in Lisboa.

This was the first time I had had Chinese food in China, and it had much better flavours, textures and appearance than what I have experienced in the western world, it was a very pleasant surprise and I was not disappointed by any Chinese food, for the balance of my 30 day journey to China.

We started off with a very nice dinner at my hotel, just across the street from where Dennis and Fanny live with their parents and sister and her family. Dennis works in the Department of the Environment, working to help Macau be green, while the three ladies are math teachers.

The next day we were off to explore their ‘Country’ visiting historical places, churches, temples, libraries, museums, Portugal Town and even catching an opera, (Dennis’ first). It was fun to share his excitement as we explored parts of his area for the first time for both of us.

Along with showing me their piece of the Earth, they also assisted me with replacing my lost phone and inoperative computer, as well as finding leather cases for my cameras. When one is travelling this type of local assistance is much appreciated. I found my friends and others on my travels to China to be helpful, kind and supportive. This would be the beginning of my discovery, of what China became to me.
I hope you enjoy these pictures of the Macau I enjoyed while with my friends. While a densely populated city, it still has charm, open space and green space that can provide ad oasis in the urban landscape.

Due to my computer and communication issues, the Macau posting is an all in one. In it, you will see a roasted pig with cherry eyes to celebrate the opening of a new business. Videos of an emergency vehicle that has its’ own challenges answering the call, And Dennis’ and my first opera.

Even some casinos which mimic Las Vegas.

The rest are of the weekend with friends, in the place they live and took the time to share with me.

I hope to make it back after the birth of Dennis and Fanny’s child and provide them the type of assistance parents with a newborn child appreciate, time with each other and a break from parenting. We shall see. In the meantime, the photos for this Storeography finish with photos with friends.

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