Time for re-Orient-ation, as I return to the Orient

April 28, 2016 · Cairns, QLD, Australia

Time for re-Orient-ation, as I return to the Orient for a visit to Macau, Hong Kong, China and a stopover in the Philippines.

I have had to get myself retooled, with new and updated travel cards and a new computer awaiting me in Macau, to replace the not so operative or cooperative one. Kudos to the Cairn’s Printing and Cairn’s Private Hospital to help me get in order for this next stage in my travels.

My first Orient-ation visit was to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia in 2006. As Australia was a visit to Slavica’s immigrant Macedonian family, I will now see the lands of two of my sister-in-law’s. Needah BeeShoppe from the Philippines and Dorbina’s family from China. My eldest brother Tom and Dorbina have spent the last two years teaching in China. It will be interesting to compare experiences.
On my visit I will be meeting old and new friends and making a few more on the way. I will miss meeting with Stephanie Marion Bräuer, who was our first hostel helper and is working on her doctorate and aiding in civil rights for Chinese women. She is back in Germany awaiting to deliver her first child. But I am looking forward to seeing John DevlinDennis NgFanny LaoKei MokJessiCa Chan, Susanna from Yunnan Travel and Julie from Guangzhou.

It is my understanding communications can be challenging in China, so my updates may be shorter and further and fewer in between. Please note on my travel cards I am now on Twitter, and Instagram, as well as on Facebook and my blog earthpersonally.com

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