Chinese New Year

Montreal, Canada

Chinese New Year’s in Montreal has been uneventful but pleasant none the less. Starting off with a Tunisian morning snack or honey mixed with olive oil, dipped in bread, with Coffee Americano, not Coffee Arabica. And a nice conversation with my host about life’s changes in her homeland, not that much different than here. Her father was a ship builder in Tunisia for the fishing industry. When she was young the fishermen would give her family a gift of fish. For me I took a leisurely walk on a shopping street, with sidewalks protected by a glass canopy over the sidewalk, to provide protection during winter’s snow and summer’s sun. There are a variety of shops and even Mexican restaurants. The evening was spent with Magaly, in China Town, which has 3 gates on its’ 100m/120yard length, where it ends in Vietnam Town. To celebrate Chinese New Year, we ate at a Chinese/Mongolian Restaurant. Finishing the evening, with drink, at a food laboratory in its’ Hipster Bar.

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