New Zealand: The Mysterious Mermaids

April 8, 2016 · Clarence, New Zealand ·

My mermaidian friends, New Zealand was a bigger challenge than I had anticipated, even causing me to find out things about mermaids I did not want to know. You would think in an island nation it would be easy enough to find a Mermaid. But this was not the case. It was not until after a week’s time when I reached Wellington that I found a club call Mermaid, but it turned out to be a club a mother mermaid would not want to find her daughter working in. And I was not sure if I could post such a picture on Facebook

Having no luck on the North Island I took a ferry to the South Island hoping I might see a mermaid swimming between the islands. Dolphins yes, mermaids no. My hope was not realized.

Driving along the west coast I found Pancake Rocks but no mermaid. When I arrived in Queenstown, I told some young men of my challenge and they offered to help. They took off their shirts, got into their swim suits and began look
ing for a mermaid in the waters beneath. One even pointed to what he thought was a mermaid, but alas it was Sponge Bob in his Square Pants.

Driving along the south east coast, I came across rocks of various types but no mermaid.

I had given up hope and decided on my last day to take a train up to wine country, where I could whine about my failure to find mermaids for you. Due to a misunderstanding with my taxi driver, I arrived at the train just as it was leaving the station. Once I got on the train, with the not proper ticket, one of the train staff asked me where I was headed. I explained about giving up on a mermaid and going to wine country. Tracy the conductor, said instead of the wine country I should get off at Kaikoura where I could go whale and dolphin watching and maybe I might find a mermaid too. David and Carolyn who also were working on the train, assured me I was more likely to find a mermaid in the ocean than wine country, so I stopped whining about it and did as suggested.

So I alit from the train on my search for the elusive mermaid. Miraculously within yards/meters of me between the train station and the shore was a boat sightseeing company. Off I went in search of the mermaid. Once I thought I say a mermaids tail, but it was just a fluke, a whales fluke, what a tail, but no tale to tell. I did hope a pod of dolphins would assist but they were more keen on play than searching for a mermaid. They were playful not one’s to do things with porpoise.

Watch the dolphins and whales as they assist or not with my search:

My last hope was a helicopter rental, possibly I could see into the sea to find the mermaid. As I awaited boarding, I found a book in the gift shop “Mermaid Secrets’ maybe this could unlock the mystery of the mermaids. I checked in with the helicopter company only to find out the trip had been cancelled due to weather.

All I had for you was a Mermaid night club and Mermaid Secrets book, until I realized the book was a school book for mermaids. I had been looking in the wrong place all the time, just like fish and children mermaids can be found in schools. With a changed perspective within seconds, I finally found the mermaids, in mermaid secret class, learning secrets only mermaids know (like what size top do they wear? Sea cup), from their mermaid teacher. So my mermaidian friends enjoy this final act of my trip, a class act, of classy mermaids in class.

Follow the pictures as I and the animal search for the mysterious mermaids, who I hope do not end up as my photo shoot does.

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