As the night’s stars shine upon us on the Plateau of Gorgoroth

March 29, 2016 · New Zealand

As the night’s stars shine upon us on the Plateau of Gorgoroth, we prepare to approach Mordor in the morn. This day has been an unexpected adventure. What the new day will bring I am not sure. I have had one adventure too far. Will this be another?My day started off ominous enough as the light shone through my window. I had lost my travelling partner the day before when a gust of wind blew Philipp over a cliff and into the sea. To seek solace this morn, I went to the sea’s edge to find his remains of the day. Only to find egg rocks embedded in the sands of time.

As I pondered his fate, I saw an egg rock taking motion, and to my surprise a re-birth in the spirit of Easter had occurred. Phillip had returned having left as a German technical engineering gap year student and coming back as a Ranger. He had negotiated the steep slopes of challenge and was at my side once again, where no sooner had he negotiated the slippery slopes of life he had to fight off the largest of bugs, even larger than a Volkswagen bug. Philipp, truly is a Ranger.

We travelled forth once more, only to come upon a ridge full of rabid elephants. What were we to do?

Within minutes two Germanic women warriors appeared like hitchhikers on the road’s side of life and with their army of penguins and with their guile they were able to subdue the elephants, turning them into a ridge of stone. The Germanic Women Warriors Astrid and Sabina, having educated us on the ways of the teacher, left us with the, salutation of Mauri warriors, as we trekked on into theSouth Ithilian Valley wondering what adventures will dawn on me next.

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