A Winter’s Weekend: Montreal, Canada

February 13, 2017 · Greater Montreal.

Sunday: Starting off where Saturday left off, in the snow. This time in a Winter’s playground outside of Montreal. Here I even had a chance to be young again and slide away, only to realize, my youth slid away long ago. But none the less I slid, I broke no bones and I got up to slide another day; mission accomplished. As we took a walk into the village, we found a group of ladies weaving cloth. As I talked, one of the ladies, who did not speak English commented that she did not understand a word I said. I assured her that, I too, do not understand a word I say, or for that matter all who hear me talk would agree with her.

We concluded the evening with a sort of potluck where I made a prawn cocktail and a Slovenian Salmon salad and the ladies brought smoked pork loin, tofu/vegie/rice main course and a buckwheat honey cake.

My first weekend ended, with good food, good women and good conversation.

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