The Son Also Rises – An Equatorial Sunrise – July 2016

February 9, 2017 · Ecuador

As the Sun rises so does the son. Flying from Lima to Panama, my seatmate Isiah rises.

Isiah being the eldest sibling of 5, at 13 years old experiences his first solo flight. Isiah and his family live in the Andes, where his parents are Baptist Missionaries. Isiah is an unusual American, in that he is able to speak 4 languages (including the language of the indigent Peruvian people his family ministers to). He was headed for a one-month visit with his grandparents in Virginia.

Watch as the light of Sunrises like volcanic lava burning through the clouds to lighten the day.

The Sun was on its’ daily orbit off-centered to the south of Earth’s Equator having reached its northern apex days earlier, once again it had started its decline to the Southern Hemisphere.

Upon arrival with me getting the wheelchair aid of travel assistance for my injured ankle, and Isiah for being a minor, we said our good-byes. And a few minutes later Isiah checked on me once more to make sure I was alright. A kind young man he is. We parted ways, he for Virginia for grandparent time, me to Havana for recovery time.

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